Thursday, March 20, 2008

Google Calendar

I've been using Google Calendar to organize my calendar, find interesting events, and share my schedule with friends and family members. I thought you might like to use Google Calendar, too. jenin a recommends that you use Google Calendar. To accept this invitation and register for an account, please visit: Google Calendar helps you keep track of everything going on in your life and those of the important people around you, and also help you discover interesting things to do with your time.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gifts for Dad

Either your father is a rough and tumble kind of man or prefers person. Nike to Armani, from suits to jeans, there are lots of corporate gifts which will show you how much you love him. You can give many things as a gift to your dad, husband, brother or a special one. But we are introducing you with some special sort of gift that will definitely please him not only because of uniqueness but also the functionality. Yes I am talking about the giving leather portfolio or briefcase gift. Luxury Briefcase A briefcase is a compulsory item for any type of man. If your dad is a corporate man then this is the best gift that you can ever give him. There are many types of briefcases; following is a little bit explanation of all types of cases. * Briefcase – this is most typical and traditional hand bag for office use. But today the briefcases are available in variety of sizes, styles and functionality as compared to grandpa briefcase. The new rounded edge design with many colors and materials make them a fashion symbol for men. * Messenger bag – this efficient bag is designed on the base of traditional bag that was carried by passengers during traveling. These bags are light weighted and design to carry around your shoulders. These bags are available in different type of materials and shapes. Especially the young persons like these bags. * Newsboy bag – these bags are timeless bags and give you the classic look. These bags are generally used with the casual men wear. The outlook of these bags also related to messenger bag but they have less space as compared to them. These bags are good enough for workers, technicians, and the students.