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Beautiful Tea Set


Planning for a romantic dinner?

Planning for a romantic dinner with the man of your dreams? Well, don’t forget to wear something in red, for the colour will sure make him drool all over you, according to a new study.

Planning for a romantic dinner?

In their study, Professor Andrew Elliot and Dr Daniela Niesta of the University of Rochester,

New York, have said that men find women in red more sexually attractive, confirming it really is the colour of romance.
Elliot claimed that men rated a woman shown in photographs as more sexually attractive if she was wearing red clothing or if she was shown in an image framed by a red border rather than some other colour.

The researchers also speculated that the attraction towards red could be an evolutionary trait too.

"It could be this very deep, biologically based automatic tendency to respond to red as an attraction cue given our evolutionary heritage," ABC Online quoted Elliot as saying.

In the study more than 100 men, mostly college undergraduates, were shown pictures of women and asked to rate how pretty they were, how much the men would like to kiss them and how much the men would like to have sex with them.

They were then shown a woman, with some of the pictures bordered in red and some bordered in white, grey or green.

When framed in red, the men rated a woman as more attractive if she was framed in red, than when she was bordered by another colour.

Later, the men were shown photographs of a woman that were identical, but in some versions, the researchers digitally made her shirt red or blue in others.

And the researchers again saw the inclination towards woman in red.

They pointed out that the colour red only altered men’s attractiveness and not likability, intelligence or kindness - only attractiveness.

The study is published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yoga for Your Pregnancy

In recent years, yoga has skyrocketed in popularity not only among women looking to get in shape, but pregnant women, as well. “Yoga for Pregnancy” teaches you regular prenatal yoga practices that can give you the energy to truly enjoy your pregnancy, the serenity to build a deeper intimacy with your body, and the ability to be totally present for the miracle of your child’s birth.
One of the benefits of practicing yoga while pregnant is ease from the discomforts of pregnancy including moodiness, shortness of breath, swollen ankles, nausea, indigestion, and insomnia.
Part one of “Yoga for Pregnancy” provides 30 minutes of energizing and strengthening techniques, helping you practice a posture known as gentle flowing to alleviate the discomforts caused by pregnancy, and build strength and stamina for the physical demands of labor. Part two is a 15 minute lesson in relaxation and rejuvenation, teaching you exercises to help you manage your contractions, and meditation techniques to help you stay calm and be able to concentrate during labor.
What makes “Yoga for Pregnancy” different from other prenatal fitness videos on the market is that instead of showing you basic yoga techniques that are safe for pregnant women, it focuses on specific positions and breathing practices that you can really use. It also offers postnatal yoga advice so that you may gently regain your strength and flexibility six weeks after your baby is born. As an added bonus, several articles from Yoga Journal and Lamaze Parents magazine are also included on the DVD-Rom.
Happy relaxation!

Cybersex: Oldies beat youngsters hands down

It's not just the youngsters who are hooked on to the Internet for their daily dose of erotica, as an Australian researcher has found that older adults are a step ahead when it comes to cybersex.


Sociologist Sue Malta, at Swinburne University's Faculty of Life and Social Sciences, claims that her study provides evidence that older adults have a voracious appetite for the Internet and sex.

For her study, Malta conducted in-depth interviews with 45 older Australians and five older Americans about their romantic Internet relationships. The participants were aged from 60 to 92 years, and included those involved in online relationships as well as a smaller group that had first met face to face.

The study was aimed at analysing if technology had a role in influencing older people's relationships developed on the internet, and the longevity of such romances.

And the findings of the study completely turn over the commonly held views that older people are asexual and are not technology savvy.

"That old stereotype that you get to a certain age and you don''t want to do it any more is not true," she said.

The findings suggested that online relationships between older people become sexually intimate faster and are of shorter duration. 

A large number of older women said that the cyber romances suited their lifestyles because they "never wanted to live with anyone again".

"The biggest reason they gave was because they had no wish to become someone''s nursemaid and housekeeper. They had already been there, done that," ABC Online quoted Malta as saying.

Most of the Internet romantics believed cyber-flirting was fun, but a precursor to a sexual relationship. On the other hand, no Australian participant approved of cyber-cheating.

There were a few people who indulged in cybersex, and one older woman said that she would only have cybersex with someone she was not going to meet and all her cybersex encounters were with men much younger.

Malta said: "She seemed to treat them like casual sexual encounters." But instead of having to go out to a club she could experience it all "from the comfort of her own home".

"Surprisingly the younger group was less sexually overt than the older participants," she said.

Such a phenomenon, according to Malta, is because younger people use internet dating in the pursuit for a possible life partner, and thus are more self-conscious about how they present online.

"The older group are not interested in that and can be more relaxed and go with the flow," she said.

Malta said that her study holds possible implications for social policy.

"A lot of the participants had health issues and found sex and intimacy was one of the best things for them and gave them increased vitality. If older people are sexually active and it is good for their health then how do we design nursing homes to cater for that, because if you don't you are doing them a disservice," she said.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Ayurvedic diet

Ayurveda has always classified food in terms of its positive and negative attributes, which are now being recognised by modern nutrition studies. According to the holistic approach adopted by ayurveda, apart from food, lifestyle also influences one’s thoughts, behaviour, physical appearance and actions.

The Ayurvedic diet

Food is seen as prana, the carrier of life force, and is judged according to how it affects the conscious self. Based on its inherent qualities food is catergorised into — Sattva (purity), Rajas (activity, passion, the process of change), and Tamas (darkness, inertia).

Sattvic food

This kind of food is always freshly cooked and simple. It is food that can be digested easily and puts one’s mind in a state of balance. It helps build immunity and improves the health of those who are ill. It includes foods closest to their natural forms like milk and milk products, fresh and dried fruits, and fresh vegetables (except onion, garlic, and chives). All whole grain cereals, most lentils, sprouts, natural sweeteners like jaggery and honey, and natural oils like homemade ghee, butter and cold-pressed oils are considered sattvic.

Such food is lightly cooked with moderate spices (no chillies and black pepper) and has less fat. The spices commonly used in sattvic cooking are turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, fennel (saunf) and cardamom.

It’s important to note that raw foods are not sattvic as they harbour parasites and microbes and are believed to weaken digestion and reduce ojas (vital energy) on which the proper functioning of the mind and spiritual development depends.
While ghee is allowed ( it helps the development of the mind), oily and fatty foods should be eaten sparingly.

The sattvic personality

People who follow the sattvic way of eating are known to be clear-minded, balanced, and spiritually aware. They usually avoid alcohol, stimulants like tea, coffee, tobacco and non-vegetarian food.

Rajasic food

This is food that is fresh but heavy. It includes non-vegetarian food like meat, fish, eggs, and chicken, all whole pulses and dals (not sprouted), hot spices like chillies, pepper, and all vegetables including onion and garlic. The rajasic diet is also cooked fresh and is nutritious. It may contain a little more oil and spices compared to sattvic food. It benefits those who believe in action and aggression in a positive way such as business persons, politicians, and athletes.

The rajasic personality

This diet is linked to sensual stimulation. Rajasic people are usually aggressive (in a positive way) and full of energy. They are interested in the four Ps — power, prestige, position and prosperity. But they are quite in control of their lives and aren’t obsessed by any of the above. They are go-getters and know how to enjoy life.

Tamasic food

This includes foods that are not fresh, overcooked, stale and processed — foods made from refined flour (maida), pastries, pizzas, burgers, chocolates, soft drinks, rumali roti, naan, tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, canned and preserved foods like jams, pickles and fermented foods, fried foods, sweets made from sugar, ice creams, puddings and most ‘fun foods’ are included in this list. All spicy, salty, sweet and fatty foods form part of the tamasic diet. Overeating is a tamasic trait. However, overeating sattvic food too brings on tamas in an individual.

The tamasic personality

Tamas brings about stagnation leading to degeneration of people’s health. Such individuals suffer from intense mood swings, insecurity, desires, and cravings and are unable to deal with others in a balanced way. They have little regard for the welfare of others and tend to be very self-centered. Their nervous system and heart do not function optimally and such individuals age fast. They usually suffer from conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and chronic fatigue. They usually lead a sedentary lifestyle. Such individuals would benefit from switching to a sattvic diet. Others, who live life in moderation and are into politics, business, defence or into athletics would do well by following the Rajasic way of life.

Sattvic, rajasic and tamasic are more than just qualities in food — they are a way of life.

Sexiest body parts out there

imageChannel E! has released its list of the ‘Sexiest Body Parts’ in the world and there are a fair few surprises among the names. Our very own Ash, who has been widely acknowledged as the world’s most beautiful woman, has bagged the highly desirable title of the ‘sexiest eyes’ from around the globe.

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The Incredible Well of Chand Baori, India


Ten tips on how to get rid of the gossip bug at office

One of the biggest causes for a negative or less productive work environment is gossip. Gossiping at the workplace can have a very bad effect on the workers and on the organization as a whole.  It can create a very uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone. While some of the gossip does have truth in it, most of them are filled with false and misleading information. Either ways it is better to stay out of it and maintain a good work environment. Gossip really ruins work relationships, the more we keep out of it; the better for us.

Finding out the exact source of gossip can be one of the best steps in eliminating workplace gossip. When some colleague of yours tries to gossip do find out what kind of a person he is and what are his intentions behind spreading such news. Does he have any personal motive behind spreading this information? These are a few things that we need to keep in mind when we hear gossip from others. We need to understand that there is no real benefit that will come from gossip and its main reason is to degrade and take pleasure in negative information about others.

You need to be careful and calculative about the information that you share with your co- workers. It is not necessary that you share all information with everyone you know. Keeping a few things to yourself is also very important. Some things are better unsaid and we need to be judgmental about what information needs to be shared and what need not be. You may think what you are sharing is harmless to you and others, while someone else might try to twist it in ways which are beneficial to them and this might bring trouble either to you or to any of your other colleagues. 
Try not to be a part of the office gossip. Limit your association with the people who gossip. By not being associated with a person who tends to spread gossip, you will have lesser chances of being included as the original source of the gossip.


Let the gossip end with you. When someone comes and gossips to you avoid passing it on. By doing this you are getting rid of the problems that could have come because of spreading it. You are indirectly doing a good thing by putting an end to the gossip by saving the people who could have been harmed if the gossip has spread. The chances of harmful damage due to gossip will be reduced to a least minimal if you don’t spread it.

Keep at bay from situations where gossip is being formulated. This will help in not giving power to the source of gossip by extinguishing the spread of information that may have little or no truth.

Diverting the topic would be one of the best and easiest ways to avoid office gossip. A quick way to stop gossip in its track is to change the topic of discussion.

Confront the person who is gossiping. Ask him/her why he/she believes this information should be spread around the office and what personal gain would they derive from it.

One of the best ways to defend against gossip is to have a strong opposition in not tolerating the action of gossip. Let the gossiper know that you are not comfortable discussing the information that they are spreading.

Remind people that workplace gossip comes with consequences that can include them being fired by the higher-ups if they are found to be the source of gossip. Almost all companies have several laid out policies stating strict disciplinary action against the ones who gossip.

Teach by example. Don’t involve in gossip yourself. When you choose not to gossip or participate in gossiping, you send a clear message to others that it is a negative attribute at the workplace.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Sexercise" can help you lose weight

Forget treadmills, long walks and Atkins diet, an expert has come up with a new way of staying in shape—and it has nothing to do with cutting out on carbs – it’s indulging in plenty of sex.

Yes, you heard it right, "sexercise" makes a person slimmer – if you do enough of it. 

Combining sex and fitness is like killing two birds with one stone. Sex gets you fit. And being fit makes you want to have more sex. This is, in large part, because of all of the benefits a good sexercise routine offers, like: improved blood flow in strengthening your heart, better cholesterol, changing more of your bad cholesterol (LDL) to good cholesterol (HDL), weight control, better sleep and greater energy, including longer life and a better quality of life. 


According to Fox News, women, in particular, feel more attractive with sexual fitness, since they produce more estrogen. This makes for shinier, smoother hair. Both sexes glow as their skin pores become cleansed, thanks to sweating. They feel sexier than ever.

But how do you start this sexercise routine? Well, sex educator Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright has come to your rescue. 

Get a physical if you haven’t in a while. While it may be laughable to do this, you’re going to be physically active, accelerating your heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure. 

You’re also going to be testing and developing your strength, stamina, and flexibility. As with any form of exercise, you need to make sure that you’re good to go.

Aim for half-hour romps 3-5 times a week. This may seem like a lot, but this is actually not very time-consuming. Consider the amount of time you put into your favorite TV show. 

Remind yourself of the rewards. Sex for 30 minutes burns anywhere from 15-350 calories, depending on how physically active you are. This is the equivalent of calories burned during a half an hour of brisk walking, running, or lifting weights.  

Vigorous or longer sex sessions five times per week can burn up to 1,650 calories! The active partner — typically the one on top — tends to burn more.

Don’t lose focus. You can easily get distracted with all of sex’s delights. But your goal is to make it burn. In a matter of weeks, you can notice improvements in the tone and strength of your stomach, back, buttocks, legs and arms. But this will only happen if you’re mindful about keeping your heart rate up for a prolonged period of time.

Aim for variety. Your sexercise routine doesn’t have to be routine. You can’t take it for granted that sexercising won’t be boring, at least not in the same way as your treadmill. So get creative. Try new things. As you get in better shape, experiment with sexual positions, like wheelbarrow or crouching tiger.  

Watch what you eat and maintain moderate exercise out of the bedroom. 

Take care of each other post-workout. After working up a good sweat, you’ll have to hit the shower.

Forget troubles, be healthy

How forgetting troubles can keep your heart healthy

Forgetting troubles might help you keep your heart healthy, suggests a new study, which has found that failing memory in Alzheimer’s helps reduce high blood pressure.

Eat fruits, keep cancer away!

Previous studies have put cognitive problems suffered by some Alzheimer''s patients to low blood pressure (arterial hypotension).

However, the new study led by researchers from Osijek Medical Faculty in Croati suggests that as the patient''s memory fails, they forget the causes of anxiety and worry that was causing high blood pressure: failing memory causes hypotension.

“An important question is would reduction of stressful memories and of stress exposure in everyday life help diminish the risk of getting hypertension or metabolic syndrome in the years to come," said study’s author Dr Sven Kurbel of the Osijek Medical Faculty in Croatia.

If confirmed by further studies, this will affect how doctors treat the elderly, helping to target drugs more effectively and reduce risks of stokes and heart attack.

It also suggests that heart disease could be substantially reduced in old people simply by making them happier about themselves and their lives.

The study proposes that some people suffering from Alzheimer''s disease experience a reduction in their high blood pressure because of cognitive decline. 

The study is published in Bioscience Hypotheses.

A Woman without Ribs (Amazing Pictures)


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Tips to avoid weight gain this festival season

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Festival time, which means mithais, lots of eating out, rich food and sheer indulgence. Wonderful. But by the end of it, we are also wonderfully stuffed.

Tips to avoid weight gain this festival season

No matter how we try to avoid it. “I’m a conscious eater, but the festive season is unmanageable,” says lawyer Meetu Chandra, “How much can you guard yourself? You give in, telling yourself it’s okay, it’s just for this month.”

True, it’s just for this month, but we can make the best of the festive season, say experts, along with making the best of ourselves. We just need to know what to eat – and more important – how to eat it.

“You can and you must indulge,” says Roopali Dutt, head of the department of clinical nutrition, Fortis Hospital, Delhi. “This is the time for it. But there’s a key to keep in mind – moderation.”

Agrees dietician and certified fitness trainer Neesha Maria Bukht of Talwalkars gyms, Mumbai, “With a little planning, you can eat out without blowing your diet.”

How? “The trick is to eat small quantities of whatever you want to eat, and eat it in a balanced manner,” says Dutt. “It isn’t necessary to eat butter chicken or pasta in cream sauce every time you go out. Have that on one day, and juggle between salads and grilled / baked dishes, or just roti and seek kababs or tandoori chicken / paneer otherwise.”

For other tips, read on.

Start right

If you’re out for drinks and dinner, then have salads instead of peanuts with your drinks. “Peanuts, chips and so on are avoidable. Fresh cut salad like cucumber and carrots and celery with dips is better. It will fill up your stomach a little and help you not overeat,” says Dutt.

Deep fried appetisers are a complete no no. Boiled, broiled or roasted are better options. “Add a soup to your meal,” says Dutt. “Not a creamy one but a clear broth that is healthy, filling and delicious.”

Get prepped

“Always select food that is either steamed, poached, roasted, broiled, boiled, grilled or baked.

Beware of any dish that is described on the menu with these words: cream sauce, butter, makhani, oil, au gratin, breaded, kofta, alfredo, battered or batter-dipped, crispy, cheesy, malai. These dishes are notoriously high in calories,” says Bukht. “Also, banish buffets. When we’re given more choices, we tend to eat more. Order a la carte.”

If you’re fond of Italian food, go for a tomato sauce-based pasta instead a cream-based one. “Also, a pasta should not be your complete meal. Add grilled fish or chicken and some salad on the side. It will limit your flour and cream intake and will be a balanced meal,” says Dutt.

Daily bread

A plain tandoori or roomali roti is the best bet with an Indian meal. “Avoid lachcha parathas, stuffed rotis, naans and butter naans. There’s too much flour, ghee, butter or oil in those,” says Dutt. “If you must have it, have only one. But then have it with grilled or tandoori food and maybe just a little dal.”

Stay on track

Curtail your regular workout if you must, but exercise daily. “Do some breathing and bending and stretching exercises for at least 10-15 minutes a day,” says dietician Bhavna Arora. “It will help keep your metabolism going as usual. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water and lemon. It helps your digestion and cleanses your stomach.”

Six meal course

Small meals at regular intervals will not only help you stop indulging, but also make sure you’re satiated.

“Eat smaller meals during the day if you’re dining out,” says Bukht. “Just be sure you don’t eat too sparingly so that you’re so famished by dinnertime that you overeat. Have a small, healthy snack in the evening to quell hunger if you’re going out for dinner.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Black is the latest wedding white Down Under

Traditional white flowing wedding gowns are passé now, for today’s bride prefer taking their vows wearing black, according to Australian experts. 

Black is the latest wedding white Down Under!

Modern brides are nowhere near to follow tradition, and are taking the unconventional way of getting married.

So, while some get married wearing black wedding gowns, others are jumping out of planes to say their vows. Still others are opting for procedures as teeth whitening, while busy brides are hiring planners to organise their big day.

According to Angela Sgarbossa, owner of Bridal on Pulteney, more brides were going for non-traditional colours for their wedding dresses. 

"It''s a generation that has paid their own way, and are used to making decisions for themselves, so why shouldn''t it be the same when it comes to the most important dress they''ll wear?" The Courier Mail quoted her as saying.

She added: "The modern bride is veering from tradition and choosing dresses that make them feel attractive and reflect their personal style, from black and red to deep green and brown." 

And one can easily have a look at the changing face of wedding gowns at the Spring Bridal Ideas Expo at the Adelaide Showground on Oct 18-19.

Expo director Elizabeth Falloon said there was a trend towards unique weddings such as sky diving and deep-sea diving. 

In fact, a poll taken of more than 100 exhibitors last year, showed less than half of weddings fell into the traditional category. 

"We have brides who get married deep-sea diving. Others walk down the aisle in a bright red dress. A truly "traditional" wedding is hard to come by,” said Falloon.

In fact, New York brides are a step ahead in their eccentricities— they are actually making their bridesmaids sign contracts which mention everything from prohibiting them gaining weight to having a tan. 

Geoff Slater, of Elite Weddings and Functions, revealed that recently a bride had "dropped" a bridesmaid in the middle of wedding plans because she was deemed inappropriate in her appearance. 

Brides can be "very, very, demanding," he said. 

In fact, in his opinion, "even in this economic climate brides would spend less" because it was their most important day.

Grooming tips for men

Can’t remember the last time you paid attention to your skin and hair? Do you still use the bar of soap you bathe with for your face too? Do you use deodorants only when you are going out on a date? Does your back resemble a Braille script? If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, then all we need to tell you is wake up and smell the moisturiser!


1.Body odour: No it’s not macho to smell of perspiration. Having body odour in this day and age is nothing short of a cardinal sin! And remember research says that most women are turned off by body odour, so at least for the sake of the woman who is close to you, every which way, pick up a good quality deodorant and use it EVERY day, don’t save it for special occasions only. And it would add to the cause if you made it a habit of bathing twice a day. Bathing before hitting the bed will solve a lot of issues for you, your partner and the people around you.

2.Hair apparent:  Another thing women love about men is utterly touchable hair. Well groomed hair says a lot about you as an individual. You don’t have to pick up all the fancy hair care products available in the market for your hair to look ‘touchable’, all you need to add to your grooming kit is a good anti-dandruff shampoo, a conditioner and a hair gel (for special occasions)

3.Mositurers: No, don’t eye your wife’s dressing table, you can pick up moisturisers that are specifically made for you. There are plenty of men’s moisturisers out there that are fortified with special vitamins and ingredients that combat everything from dark spots to wrinkles to dryness. Get one today.

4.Neat nails: Keep your  finger and toe nails well trimmed. Please refrain from growing your nails, it’s the ugliest sight in the world, a man with long nails. Keep your nails short and cut straight. The next time you go to your salon for a haircut, try out a manicure. Don’t feel shy, lots of men get manicures and pedicures done and are happier about it as they know that women pay attention to all these details!

5.Skin care: Is your skin prone to acne? If so, then its time you switched to a medicated face wash, and included scrubbing as part of your regular grooming routine. Don’t use your soap bar for your face. Medicated face washes or face washes with natural ingredients will ensure a healthy skin. Similarly take care of your skin on other parts of your body too, a prickly back will make your partner recoil from touching you!

6.Fresh and clean breath: Now we don’t mean that you should smell like a peppermint factory every time you open your mouth, but gargle with a mouthwash before you step out of home, especially if you’ve had a late night boozing session. Keeping a pack of sugar free chewing gum will also help, but please ensure that you don’t chew one stick for the rest of the day!

7.Smooth skin: Stubble is okay if you aren’t getting too intimate. Women prefer smooth cheeks and also soft hands, rough and calloused hands and feet are a complete no-no!

8.Chapped lips: Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you can get away with chapped lips. Dry and chapped lips will not only not get you any kisses, it will also earn you uncomplimentary remarks. Brush off dead and dry skin off your lips with a brush and apply a light film of Vaseline every night.

9.Trim stray hair: If you have hair sticking out of your ears, nose or through  your shirt, trim them regularly, No woman should ever see it! And also ensure that the back of your neck is also devoid of unseemly hair cut rash. Keep a tweezer handy to pluck out stray eyebrow hair, and if you have eyebrows that meet, make that appointment with a salon today!

How to make her fall in love with you ?

You have the swankiest car, but no one special to take out on a long drive. You are the most good looking bloke in your neighbourhood, but no one to appreciate it. You have been to the best restaurants in town, but no one to share the table with. You get the premiere tickets to all the latest flicks, but no one to take for a  movie date. In short, you have everything going for you, except the one who makes your heart do a somersault everytime you see her! Chill! Its all about polishing your techniques and you will have her in your arms and that is a promise!

How to make her fall in love with you

Stop pursuing her: Do your friends actually have to fold your tongue back into your mouth every time she passes by? Sheesh! How do you ever expect her to pay you any attention!? Buddy the trick is to act all cool and aloof in her presence and you will have her hovering around you. Pay too much attention and the chase gets tougher with her running even faster. Act like you don’t care whether she is coming or going. Turn a blind eye even when she’s looking her hottest best, difficult but stick to this. You will soon see the results. But hey, don’t give in too soon, make her earn your attention.

Get groomed: This one isn’t about visiting the salon every 15 days. Its about  dressing right, having a regular shower, wearing a deodorant at all times and not wearing the same tee Monday to Sunday! For more tips on grooming go to

Get that look: Women quiver in the knees when a man looks deep down into her eyes. Take it from me, I speak on behalf of all my sisters out there, who are collectively disgusted about guys who think their body starts neck down! A woman loves it if a guy pays attention to her face, passes an unusual comment about the mole above her lips or the twinkle in her eyes or the angelic curve of her bow shaped lips…got the idea?

Mark your focus: When you are talking to her, let the whole world be damned! There are innumerable scenes in movies, when the world around freezes or goes into slo-mo mode when the hero locks eyes with his gal. You have to do exactly that, make her blush with your gaze and perfect this art. You have do it everytime you see her, chances are by the fifth round you will be doing that in her dreams!

Be a good listener: When she talks, listen. Ask encouraging questions. Pass flattering remarks. Act like your life depends on her story. Respond with feelings. And when you are talking to her, ask for her opinion, and show that you value them. After this her phone bills will rise…you will be on her speed dial!

Be Mr Popular: Try and be a ray of sunshine in your circle of friends. Women love men who are fun to be with and who can make others laugh. Be the life of parties.

Learn to play the guitar: Enrol in a guitar class. A cute guy walking around with a guitar is romantic balm for many girls. And if you are good enough to play the guitar at parties, you will have a lot of hearts waiting to ensnare you! Believe me you, A guitar is one of the best babe magnets around! Singing comes a close second. Singing soulful numbers, provided you have the voice for it, melts the toughest female heart.

Friday, October 17, 2008

'Made in India' hit in Paris

It is France’s most prestigious fashion event after the Paris Fashion Week, and this year Tranoi was ruled by India. For the first time, the theme of the fair was  'Made in India'. That included an Indian pavilion, art installations by Subodh Gupta and Manish Arora, desi food and even bags with Tranoi written in the Devanagari script.

'Made in India' hit in Paris

A big Indian contingent took part, including design stalwarts such as Tarun Tahiliani, Ashish Soni, Varun Bahl, Manish Arora, Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Namrata Joshipura, Abraham & Thakore and Anamika Khanna. Young designers were also represented — Nitin Bal Chauhan, Gaurav Gupta and Varun Sardana took part. “We were well received in Paris,” says Joshipura.

“Everyone was intrigued by the Made in India theme, and we did good business and drew a lot of attention to Indian garments.” Soni felt it was a great launch pad for young designers. “They got a good platform to exhibit their creations to a host of international buyers.” Chauhan couldn’t attend the fair himself but can’t stop raving about the business it got him. “My collection was well received and I’ve got many orders.”

Besides displaying his collection, Arora also had an art installation at the Bourse, the fair’s venue. The gigantic pillars with the pop art installation made a great impact on visitors. “Manish’s installation attracted many buyers,” says Gupta. Artist Subodh Gupta also showcased his Vehicle for the Seven Seas. “Such endeavours to make Indian art popular should happen more often,” says Soni.

The India pavilion at Tranoi saw a comprehensive showcasing of the country’s culture and craftsmanship. “Last year, we did a Japan theme. This year we wanted to showcase the art and craft of India,” says Michael Hadida, who owns the fair. And Hadida plans to take the India theme forward to the next Tranoi fair on March 2, 2009.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why men find women in uniforms irresistible

Men just love to see a gorgeous girl in uniform. And now, a new research has found out why exactly it is so.

Why men find women in uniforms irresistible

According to the Revolver Entertainment poll – to mark the DVD release of Female Agents –military look of females is the favourite among guys.

In the survey, 17 percent of men said the power-dressing look was their favourite, especially suiting brainy babes, reports the Daily Star. 

A fifth of those surveyed said a military uniform was best, putting fantasy version of a pilot’s uniform second in the list. 

Britain’s favourite is the nurse’s uniform. Women in firefighting gear did not top the survey of men, however blokes still consider them sexy.

Also, according to men, women with a hard hat and tool pouch, who give a sexy new meaning to the term “builder’s bum”, are worth a wolf whistle or two.

Only one in 50 men said a policewoman was their favourite fantasy.

Wash hands to fight cold

They say popping vitamin-C tablets can help fight colds, but a new research has shown that the pills do not provide nearly as much protection as other ‘natural’ measures, like frequently washing your hands.

Wash hands to fight cold!

What’s more, the researchers said that large doses of vitamin-C can prove harmful for humans. 

The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) has published information and a quiz on the subject of prevention, helping to separate widespread myths from facts. 

For years it was believed that taking vitamin-C supplements not only provided protection against colds, but also against cancer, thereby helping people to live longer. An easy-to-understand summary of the research in this area, refuting these beliefs, has now been published on IQWiG''s website

"Not only is there no proof that some antioxidants prolong life, but there is some evidence that certain products may even lead to earlier death", says Professor Peter Sawicki, the Institute''s Director. 

"Positive" news gives people hope, which can quickly spread, become deeply held beliefs. 

Professor Sawicki said: "It can be very difficult to accept that these beliefs are myths, but they are not true if further research does not confirm them or the research points to the opposite conclusion."

There are many simple but effective ways to lower the risk of respiratory infections. These include frequently washing your hands with normal soap and water, and not touching your face with your hands.

People who already have a respiratory infection can stop it from spreading by throwing away tissues immediately after using them and not shaking hands with other people.

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