Thursday, October 2, 2008


Here is our yoga expert Juhi Garg, who will address all your queries about yoga and also write on yogic exercises.


Given below is the sought-after Suryanamaskar, which is often also, considered the shortcut to great body and mind. Dedicate around 10 seconds daily to each pose, and you would be done with the complete sequence in 2 minutes, giving your entire body and mind, both a good workout.  It is preferable to do suryanamaskar early mornings in the open while facing the sun to absorb the immense energy this source provides. Pregnant women must avoid though.


1. Stand straight facing the sun with both hands folded

2. Raise your hands over the head. Bend backwards with the hands too going backwards. Remember to bend from the lower back and not strain the neck too much.

3. Now along with your hands, get your upper body to bend forward towards your knees. Attempt at making your hands go down to your feet, touching them and head being closest to your knees. Again, bend from the lower back to avoid overstretching any of your muscles.

4. Bring the right leg backwards with the knee touching the ground. Left foot to be bent at the knee between the hands. Hands to be in front of the body with the palms on the ground. Look up.

5. Now arch up your body completely from the hips. Keep the feet together and palms on the ground. Head to be between the hands looking downwards.

6. Bring the body on the ground with the feet, knees, palms, chest and forehead touching.

7. Raise your upper body with the lower firmly on the ground. Bend the upper body backwards as much as comfortable with the back forming a curve.

8. Repeat step 5

9. Repeat step 4 with the left leg going backwards.

10. Repeat step 3

11. Repeat step 2

12. Repeat step 1

About the author: Juhi is a yoga and naturopath buff since the age of eight. She believes that yoga is the best way of life and wishes to promote it thus, especially amongst the younger generation.

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