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New Ladies, photos and videos in our gallery

New photos: 4

Jaroslava #9850
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I like to dance and to play a big tennis.
The type of man that I desire is strong, clever, with the sence of humor. The main that he has the goals in his life and love me.

New photos: 4

Natalia #9848
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I like animals, nature, arts, music. I can listen to it for hours...I love dance and go to the discos. I spend a lot of time with my friedns.
I would like to meet here a decent man for long lasting relations and possible marriage. I won`t tell about the qualities he must possess because there are no ideal people in the world. Let he have the sense of humor, be kind, honest and intelligent.

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Natalia #9844
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Leisure time is always a great treasure and I love sports like swimming in summer, body-building and dancing (oriental and ball:), I like to go out and enjoy a cup of good coffee while breathing fresh air.
I want to meet a man who is well-bred, kind and confident, reliable in all he does and says, the one who is worth respect and love, the one who respects people around and is interested in different things in life

New photos: 4

Galina #9843
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The best time for me is the time with my family.Also I like to walk in the nature. I adore to read books and to go to to the cinema.
I want to find good and kind hearted man. I want him to knw what he wants and to go to his aim. I want him to love children and animals.

New photos: 6

Natalia #9842
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I like to meet my friends and chat with them in a cosy cafe drinking green tea and having a fun. And if you are with me, you won`t have time to be bored! I like nature very much and every time I try to go cottage house in the countryside.
I imagine him as a kind and confident man with certain ambitions but tender and sensitive heart. I value the sense of humor too and want my beloved to respect and appreciate me.

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Olga #9841
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I like going fo sport, like meeting my friends, like to travel, like to read books, to listen to music.
I don't pay attention to appearence, I think the condition of man's soul is the most important.

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Marina #9840
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I am nice and kind girl. I like life and I like different activities! In my leisure time I adore to spend my time with my family and friends. I like play active games
I want to meet kind and loving person. I just want to be happy and I am looking for a man who will make me happy. I want him to trust me and to repsect me and my family.

New photos: 5

Inna #6196
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I like going in for sports and reading.But most of all I enjoy spending time with my boys.
I'd like to meet a man with strong family values.I hope he'll not be afraid of the fact that I have two children:-)My boys are so lovely and I'm sure he'll be able to make friends with them!

New photos: 4

Julia #9839
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I like to swim and to read cognitive and interesting books
optimistic , with good sense of humor. kind and full of life.

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Marina #9838
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like to read and to communicate. go to fitness club.
kind, strong, brave and optimistic.

New photos: 5

Natali #9837
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I can`t say that I have a lot of free time because I try to use every moment. I like to read and hera music, I also like to spend time with my friends. I like to study!
the most important characteristics are: care, kindness and love.

New photos: 6

Olga #9836
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as for my leisure time-I like to read and to swim. enjoy spending time with my friends and relatives.
I am looking for kind, brave, with strong will man! and believe that there are a lot of such men from abroad!

New photos: 6

Antonina #9835
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I like to go to the fitness club and to attend solarium.I like to go shopping and to spend time with my friends!
I wish to see next to me beloved, brave and handsome man who will love me and protect!

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New ladies photos in our gallery

We are also offering you to take a look on the newly shot photos and videos of the ladies that have been already for awhile on our site! One of them can be your future soul mate as well!

Lyudmila M. #3879

Veronika G. #3992

Irina L. #5794

Lyudmila R. #6001

Inna H. #6196

Irina L. #9007

Natasha S. #9208

Julia M. #9798

Irina K. #9829

Antonina T. #9835

Olga P. #9836

Natali G. #9837

Marina L. #9838

Julia T. #9839

Marina N. #9840

Olga S. #9841

Natalia D. #9842

Galina D. #9843

Natalia K. #9844

Natalia M. #9848

Jaroslava B. #9850

Oksana M. #9851

Irina V. #9853

Anna L. #9854

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New ladies videos in our gallery

As you may already know, we insists on keeping our members up to date, with the ladies in our gallery. Therefore we've added video biographies to our website. With this new option, our member's have access to our "video library". This is where, you will be able to see and hear the lady of your choice, as if she were in the same room with you.

During this streaming video, she will tell you a little about herself, so that you may experience a preview of a one on one meeting with her. Other sites will charge $15.95 (plus shipping) to send you a 15-30 minute VCR-tape, why waste the time and money, when you can download a streaming video, ranging approx. 4-5 minutes (of each lady) to your computer.

Anna K. #4830

Elvira I. #5540

Maria S. #5730

Anastasia B. #5738

Natasha B. #5757

Elena M. #7006

S. #7521

Ekaterina N. #7549

Marina S. #7552

Zhanna V. #7590

Olga A. #7595

Margarita M. #7619

Ganna A. #7630

Nadegda S. #7684

Svetlana G. #7966

Tatyana M. #7969

Julia C. #8013

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