Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Black is the latest wedding white Down Under

Traditional white flowing wedding gowns are passé now, for today’s bride prefer taking their vows wearing black, according to Australian experts. 

Black is the latest wedding white Down Under!

Modern brides are nowhere near to follow tradition, and are taking the unconventional way of getting married.

So, while some get married wearing black wedding gowns, others are jumping out of planes to say their vows. Still others are opting for procedures as teeth whitening, while busy brides are hiring planners to organise their big day.

According to Angela Sgarbossa, owner of Bridal on Pulteney, more brides were going for non-traditional colours for their wedding dresses. 

"It''s a generation that has paid their own way, and are used to making decisions for themselves, so why shouldn''t it be the same when it comes to the most important dress they''ll wear?" The Courier Mail quoted her as saying.

She added: "The modern bride is veering from tradition and choosing dresses that make them feel attractive and reflect their personal style, from black and red to deep green and brown." 

And one can easily have a look at the changing face of wedding gowns at the Spring Bridal Ideas Expo at the Adelaide Showground on Oct 18-19.

Expo director Elizabeth Falloon said there was a trend towards unique weddings such as sky diving and deep-sea diving. 

In fact, a poll taken of more than 100 exhibitors last year, showed less than half of weddings fell into the traditional category. 

"We have brides who get married deep-sea diving. Others walk down the aisle in a bright red dress. A truly "traditional" wedding is hard to come by,” said Falloon.

In fact, New York brides are a step ahead in their eccentricities— they are actually making their bridesmaids sign contracts which mention everything from prohibiting them gaining weight to having a tan. 

Geoff Slater, of Elite Weddings and Functions, revealed that recently a bride had "dropped" a bridesmaid in the middle of wedding plans because she was deemed inappropriate in her appearance. 

Brides can be "very, very, demanding," he said. 

In fact, in his opinion, "even in this economic climate brides would spend less" because it was their most important day.

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