Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grooming tips for men

Can’t remember the last time you paid attention to your skin and hair? Do you still use the bar of soap you bathe with for your face too? Do you use deodorants only when you are going out on a date? Does your back resemble a Braille script? If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, then all we need to tell you is wake up and smell the moisturiser!


1.Body odour: No it’s not macho to smell of perspiration. Having body odour in this day and age is nothing short of a cardinal sin! And remember research says that most women are turned off by body odour, so at least for the sake of the woman who is close to you, every which way, pick up a good quality deodorant and use it EVERY day, don’t save it for special occasions only. And it would add to the cause if you made it a habit of bathing twice a day. Bathing before hitting the bed will solve a lot of issues for you, your partner and the people around you.

2.Hair apparent:  Another thing women love about men is utterly touchable hair. Well groomed hair says a lot about you as an individual. You don’t have to pick up all the fancy hair care products available in the market for your hair to look ‘touchable’, all you need to add to your grooming kit is a good anti-dandruff shampoo, a conditioner and a hair gel (for special occasions)

3.Mositurers: No, don’t eye your wife’s dressing table, you can pick up moisturisers that are specifically made for you. There are plenty of men’s moisturisers out there that are fortified with special vitamins and ingredients that combat everything from dark spots to wrinkles to dryness. Get one today.

4.Neat nails: Keep your  finger and toe nails well trimmed. Please refrain from growing your nails, it’s the ugliest sight in the world, a man with long nails. Keep your nails short and cut straight. The next time you go to your salon for a haircut, try out a manicure. Don’t feel shy, lots of men get manicures and pedicures done and are happier about it as they know that women pay attention to all these details!

5.Skin care: Is your skin prone to acne? If so, then its time you switched to a medicated face wash, and included scrubbing as part of your regular grooming routine. Don’t use your soap bar for your face. Medicated face washes or face washes with natural ingredients will ensure a healthy skin. Similarly take care of your skin on other parts of your body too, a prickly back will make your partner recoil from touching you!

6.Fresh and clean breath: Now we don’t mean that you should smell like a peppermint factory every time you open your mouth, but gargle with a mouthwash before you step out of home, especially if you’ve had a late night boozing session. Keeping a pack of sugar free chewing gum will also help, but please ensure that you don’t chew one stick for the rest of the day!

7.Smooth skin: Stubble is okay if you aren’t getting too intimate. Women prefer smooth cheeks and also soft hands, rough and calloused hands and feet are a complete no-no!

8.Chapped lips: Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you can get away with chapped lips. Dry and chapped lips will not only not get you any kisses, it will also earn you uncomplimentary remarks. Brush off dead and dry skin off your lips with a brush and apply a light film of Vaseline every night.

9.Trim stray hair: If you have hair sticking out of your ears, nose or through  your shirt, trim them regularly, No woman should ever see it! And also ensure that the back of your neck is also devoid of unseemly hair cut rash. Keep a tweezer handy to pluck out stray eyebrow hair, and if you have eyebrows that meet, make that appointment with a salon today!

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