Tuesday, May 6, 2008

. Roses are red
. Dubya is witty
. Macs are white
. PC's aren't as pretty

. I do not like
. Green eggs and spam
. Whether mortgage refinancing
. Or "enhancements" for man

. iPhone's are unlocked
. The crackberry's are down
. Reality TV is the blackhole
. In which I shall drown

. I was without valentine
. And as it relates
. Even yahoo won't get
. Into bed with bill gates

. Oh fair meltdown, thankfully
. Thy name is not subprime
. Just need a sweet sweet site
. Where I can pass the time

. And then I found searchles
. And searchles found you
. You posted those articles
. On Police Academy 2

. It was love at first avatar
. We commented like crazy
. You added me as a friend
. Like Demi Moore ! loves Swayze

. Your post s in my recaps
. My homepage, my dreams
. I think I've been looking too long at this screen...no seriously, I should step away from this computer before this reaches a whole new level of cheese, I'm outta here.