Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nature Photographer Of The Year Contest


Third Place Winner, Landscape: Pacific Storm, Pacific Ocean

First Place Winner, Landscape: Struggle Of Life, Netherlands

Honorable Mention, Landscape: Serendipitous Green Meteor, India

First Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Dragging You Deep Into The Woods!

Honorable Mention, Animal Portraits: Puffin Studio, United Kingdom

Grand Prize Winner: Sardine Run, South Africa

Third Place Winner, Action: Changing Fortunes Of The Great Egret, Hungary

Second Place Winner, Action: Approach, Wray, Colorado

Honorable Mention, Action: Jellyfish Feast, New South Wales, Australia

Honorable Mention, Animal Portraits: Crow Chasing Puffy Owl

First Place Winner, Environmental Issues: Life And Death, Svalbard And Jan Mayen

Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: Wildfire At The Beach, Spain

Second Place Winner, Landscape: Wild Rink, Italy

Third Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Friendship Knows No Color, Spain

Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: American Flowers #1, Greenland

Second Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Proud Momma, Florida

Third Place Winner, Environmental Issues: Toxic Vanity, United Kingdom

Second Place Winner, Environmental Issues: The View Outside Facebook Hq, California