Sunday, April 27, 2008

The HTML Editor 2008 Has Arrived!

Yes, that's right, this is the note you have been waiting for. Our existing users have been driving it for a while and they love it. And now you can enjoy it too! Go here to read all about it or to start driving it yourself. Just click that download button on that same overview page and off you go! Now can you feel the power? Just start off slowly and go double check your Websites for broken links with the Site Spider. If needed, you can make some quick fixes, the document dependencies feature will help you out. You want to go a little faster? Use HTML & CSS Code Completion to replace some older graphics. The icons and backgrounds from the brand new graphics packs are like new leather: clean, soft, nice and comfortable. No go enjoy the rest of the ride, just remember to stop every 4 hours ;) Here are some of the new features for your convenience: HTML & CSS Code Completion for faster & easier coding Simple and Easy Project Management Quick Start from proven CSS layouts Unbelievably Beautiful Graphics and Icons Expanded Tag Insight & DOM Helper Cleaner, Valid Markup Broken Links Spidering, And more… Go here to check all out or to drive it yourself! GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOADABLE ARTICLES GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOADABLE IMAGES FROM