Sunday, April 27, 2008

So Much News... So Little Time!

The HTML Editor 2008, just 10 more days... We are very proud to be able to present the most powerful version of our world famous HTML Editor. Ever! Some of the great new features are: HTML & CSS Code Completion for faster & easier coding Simple and Easy Project Management Quick Start from proven CSS layouts Unbelievably Beautiful Graphics and Icons Expanded Tag Insight & DOM helper Cleaner, Valid Markup And so much more... We added all this without losing the intuitive workflow capabilities, visual editing, coding short cuts, or helpful wizards. Of course! As a good old habit, our existing customers will get their free upgrade first. We will drop you a note when it arrives in your account over the next 10 days or so. For the few of you that don’t own our award winning Editor yet, we have good news for you too. For now it is still just $49, and that includes all the cool icon sets ;). If you Buy the HTML Editor this week you will be the first to get your free upgrade too. Simple, fast, easy, powerful. Go Here to Read All About It and click that big fat “Order Now” button if you like it ;) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Little Contest with BIG Prizes. Are you up for a little Web Design Challenge? So are we - it’s called the “Fresh Cup of Coffee Design Contest”. If you win this one you get into the 2008 Webmaster Jam Session as an exclusive VIP! Here is the deal - the winner will receive: something special we can’t talk about yet, airfare to the Jam Session from anywhere in the world, hotel suite, Exclusive VIP Platinum Pass, dinner with the speakers and other VIPs, drinks with the cool kids from CoffeeCup, everything taken care of on CoffeeCup’s tab... Oh, and knowing us we’ll throw in some additional snazzy prizes along the way. Just three simple rules: Redesign the Homepage - Get creative, show us what you can do! The design must be made with the CoffeeCup HTML Editor (and other CoffeeCup tools) You must submit your designs in a ZIP file by email to Suzanne (yes, she will be at the WMJ too) Sounds easy and exiting right? With such a powerful coding engine, it is! Just remember that the HTML Editor is used by some of the best designers in the world. Can you beat them? We’ll post more info soon - Stay tuned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Exciting News is On The Way! All new Direct FTP (love at first sight, guaranteed) Shopping Cart Creator (we are so so close, but need a cool name for it. Suggestions?) New Website Font (this will blow you off your feet) Updated Visual Site Designer (too good to be true) New Customer Support Center (just when you though our support couldn’t get better) All this and more are in the works. Trust us, we will drop you a note you when they are released GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOADABLE ARTICLES GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOADABLE IMAGES FROM