Thursday, May 4, 2017

25 Cute and Curious Animals Just Discovering the Snow

25 Animals Having a Blast in the Snow

Do you remember the first time you went outside and played in the snow? It seems ages ago, but these guys are experiencing it for the very first time. You'll feel a little kid again after seeing these 25 adorable animals frolicking around in the snow.


1) Do I Have Snow on My Nose?

2) Snow Tastes Yummy

3) I'd Sure Love a Cup of Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows


4) Let's Play Hide and Go Seek


5) I Bet You Can't See Me if I Closed My Eyes


6) Panda-Monium


7) I Wonder if I Can Lick the Snow Off My Nose


8) Guess Which Footprints Are Mine


9) Do You My Snowy Beard?

10) I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas


11) I Think I Got Snow in My Eyes

12) I Should Have Switched to Decaf This Morning!


13) On Your Mark, Get Set, Hop


14) This Snow is Making Me Drowsy


15) My Very First Snowstorm


16) I'm Freezing My Little Paws Off Out Here


17) I'll Just Stick Around for a While


18) I Was Expecting a Bit of Snow Today


19) Hey, Can We Grab a Bite to Eat?

20) It's Un-BEAR-Ably Cold


21) Let's Make a Few Snow Angels


22) Can We Stay Out a Bit Longer?


23) This Weather is PUR-Fect for Me


24) I Wonder What's for Lunch


25) I Wish It Was Spring Already

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