Monday, July 21, 2008

Social Book Marking Sites List

Blurpalicious Social Bookmarking Community
DigUfun DigUfun is a place for everyone to submit entertainment contents such as movies, TV, videos, games, and cool stuff and share your fun with others. General Bookmarking Site
Choowawa General Bookmarking Site
Wedgsearch General Bookmarking Site
Votepress is a site where you can vote on good WordPress-links
Bookmarks A bookmark system for European websites. Peoples can share favorites links, find and visit new websites.
Votedlinks A social bookmarking site. It allows users to submit articles that will be voted by all and will be promoted, based on votes.
Thatsi THATSi(nteresting) is all about user powered content.
Firdaus Social Netwoking/ bookmarking for geeks
Bliggi General Bookmarking Site
Favename General Bookmarking Site
TopStumbles General Bookmarking Site
Ausculture General Bookmarking Site
LifeInNews Gathering News and more from around the World
SocialDanger Gathering News and more from around the World
Mindcow General Bookmarking Site
Gaddiposh General Bookmarking Site
Wedigg General Bookmarking Site
HotBuzz The Home of Amazing News Stories
BrightSaffire free social bookmarking website.
Book-Mark Site Social Bookmarking Community
Xawk General social bookmarking site
OldRec General social bookmarking site
Your Bookmark General social bookmarking site
XMaui is a Web 2.0 bookmarking and links system
Very Hot Link General social bookmarking site
Free Speech Project General social bookmarking site
Positive Sharing General social bookmarking site
OneDepot General social bookmarking site
C My Mark General social bookmarking community
3dyo is a video, bookmarking, gallery type system!
We Be Social Open source social bookmarking community
My Social Bookmarkers General social bookmarking community
Gruks General social bookmarking community General social bookmarking community
Good Web Directory Good web directory bookmarks is a feature of this free web directory where you can bookmark your favorite SEO related stories and articles
Social XD Quality general social bookmarking site
Shouting Stones General social bookmarking site
The Pligg General social bookmarking site
VetrItalia General social bookmarking site
v0v General social bookmarking site
Digg and Stumble General social bookmarking site
Webonoid General social bookmarking site
Jackool General social bookmarking site
SiteSmash SiteSmash! is a community driven experience. Our goal is to help in the quest of finding new, cool, and useful websites, all submitted and voted by users like you!
I Want To General social bookmarking site
Neymo Neymo is about money. Money news, articles, tips - all submitted and voted on by you, the users.
SEOvoter Search Engine Optimizing related community site
NewsFinda Newsfinda is all about user powered news from around the web. News feeds and articles are submitted and voted on by the community.
Tech in Review Technology related social bookmarking site
SEOjam SEO related news community site
BabbleStorm General social bookmarking site with mostly uk based news
NewsDoggy Mostly technology and internet related articles
LinkBin General social bookmarking site
The Blog Link Social bookmarking site dedicated to blogs and blog posts
BukMarc General social bookmarking site
PinoyMug General social bookmarking site
Techiendo A more Focused site that is devoted to all things Technology. Become a Techie today!
What 'n' Where General social bookmarking news site
NetSteering General social bookmarking site
Social Bookmarking SEO Social bookmark site dedicated to SEO (do-follow)
SocialMedia1 General social media bookmarking site
AddThisTo General social bookmarking site
WebGare General social bookmarking news site
We Together General social bookmarking news network
Live Wire News Social bookmarking site on internet related news
GoodSubmit Quality social bookmarking network
NewsHeat Social bookmarking community made for politics related news
PingLog Vote & Ping your blog
SDAS General social bookmarking site
Gradded Gradded has been created to provide budding entrepreneurs and startups right resources.
MashFactor Mashfactor brings news voting to the best web 2.0 and social media stories.
eBizDigger is a social content website powered by users like you
Affiliated Business is a Web 2.0 community driven affiliate marketing directory for those who wants to make money online.
BlogsVine Blogsvine, is a user generated, revenue sharing, blog bookmarking and blog post rating website. Anyone, once registered as a Blogsvine Member can submit their blogs or blog posts for free and earn Adsense Revenue.
Pligg Directory General social bookmark site
Joomocracy Joomla related bookmarking site. Only use this if you have a joomla related article
Blurpalicious Get Blurped! Not too different from other social bookmarks, but I love the tagline.
PPCad Looking for a website to learn more about PPC, PPC Ad is just the site you were looking for. Here people share the links to all the top articles on PPC.
Informed Networker Informed Networker is a social news site for Information Technology Professionals. It offers you to share links to various websites.
DropJack DropJack social news network, article and news content website
MobilityBeat MobilityBeat is a social networking community about mobile devices and technology. If you are looking for tips and tricks or how to make your mobile device work better then this is the right place.
BlogBookMark General social bookmarking site