Friday, August 1, 2008

Photo of the Week

JPG photoEarly Morning at Semeru, Hartono Hosea

New Themes: Democracy Features

JPG PhotoWe opened the Democracy theme to see the unique perspectives of JPG members around the world, and we've gotten an amazing array of submissions. But what will the final issue selections look like? As an experiment, we've opened five Democracy sub-themes for some of the strongest topics from the theme.

New Photo Challenge: Folded Paper

JPG Photo

Ready, set, fold! This challenge involves two steps of creativity. First, create something from folded paper, like an airplane or origami animal. Then, shoot your creation in an imaginative way! Don't get bent out of shape if you struggle with folding paper; has some great pointers on making a masterpiece.

On Stage
Sponsored by New York Institute of Photography

JPG photoWe want to see your photographs that capture performers on stage. Whether music, dance, comedy, theater, poetry, or magic, show us the photographs that capture performers in their element. Whether the audience buys a ticket or just wanders by, show us performers at work. This theme is sponsored by the New York Institute of Photography, the world's oldest and largest photography school. See (Photo: Nuno Santos)


JPG photoWhether your feelings are positive, negative, or something more complicated, democracy is a guiding idea in the political field today.


JPG photoDon't worry--geometry doesn't have to mean math. It can mean minimalism, repetition, color; plants, architecture, even people. Focus on composition in your shots of shapes.