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Worlds Most Spectacular and Dazzling Rivers


The World Is Full of Beauty, but These Rivers Top It All!

Water is the most fundamental element in the world, without it life would have neither been created, nor would it be sustained. It comes from the rain, and travels all the way to the ocean thanks to the natural, most phenomenal vessels our planet has to offer - rivers. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, but to me, they attract life, as well as a lot of tourists, because of their timeless beauty. Here are 15 rivers that are most worthy of a visit.


1. The Odeleite - Portugal/font


This river, which is also called "The Blue Dragon River", is found in Portugal and originates from the mountains of Serra de Caldeirão. Its second name was given due to its peculiar shape and color, which many people have compared to a blue dragon.


2. Li - Guangxi Province, China


You can see this river flowing through the spectacular scenery of Guangxi Province in China.

Not only is this river popular with tourists, but also with fishermen, who come here to fish its bountiful waters.

3. The River of Five Colors or Caño Cristales - La Macarena, Colombia


This river is defined by the numerous colorful algae and mosses that grow here,

beautifying the whole scene for anyone lucky enough to visit. For the best views, visit Caño Cristales between June and November.


4. The Alatna, USA


One of the most astounding rivers in the United States starts from the central

Brooks Range in Alaska and flows through the Endicott Mountains and the Helpmejack Hills, at which point it becomes meandered.


5. The Soca - Slovenia, Italy


The Soca River, also know as The Emerald Beauty, is well-known for its distinguishable color.

Apart from its color, it is also popular with kayakers, a fun activity one can dare to try if visiting.


6. The Zambezi - Africa


A definite must-see for those visiting Africa - particularly Zimbabwe,

since the Victoria Falls can be found here as part of the river. This river attracts about 2 million people every year.


7. The Yangtze River - China


The longest river in Asia can be found flowing through China.

The Yangtze River is also the third-longest river in the world, making it worth some admiration,

especially since it is endowed with some magical natural surroundings. 


8. The Heart River - North Dakota, USA


The Heart River is a unique sight seen in nature, for its obvious striking heart- shape that gives it its name.

This is a tributary of the Missouri, the longest river in the United States.

9. The Horseshoe - Colorado, USA


This striking natural bend, which forms part of the Colorado River in Arizona,

is a world famous natural attraction whose shape gives the river its unusual name.

The famous bend is found just 5 miles downstream from the mesmerizing Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

10. The Amazon - South America


The Amazon is home to a wealth of natural wonders, one of which is the fascinating Amazon River.

This river contains more water than any other river on this planet. In fact,

it has more water than the Mississippi, the Nile and the Yangtze combined.


This beautiful body of water is the largest river in North-Eastern Siberia.

The natural rock formation along the banks of the river are 150-300 meters high and are a sight to behold.

These pillars, known as Lena Pillars, were added to the World Heritage List in 2012. 

12. The Futaleufu - Argentina, Chile


For some breathtaking views, as well as a golden opportunity for rafting and canoeing,

head down to the Futaleufu River, which flows through Argentina and Chile.

With its turquoise waters and incredible surroundings, it's hard not to fall in love with this place.

13. The Hudson - US


This river lends its name from the person who discovered it way back in 1609 - Henry Hudson.

The river acts as a natural border between New York and Jersey, and it has become a very popular tourist attraction.

14. The Danube - Europe


The Danube River flows through 10 European countries in total, serving as an important water source to most of the continent.

It originates from Germany, passes through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia,

Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine and ends in the Black Sea.


Yet another major water source that can be found in the US.

The remarkable Mississippi River, also called the North American toiler, borders, or passes through,

a total of 10 states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

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