Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mesmerizing Oddly Satisfying Photos!

Mesmerizing Oddly Satisfying Photos!


Mesmerizing Oddly Satisfying Photos

Every once in a while everything in the universe aligns, sometimes quite literally, and something oddly satisfying happens. Here are the 23 most oddly satisfying things you'll ever see.


1. These cables.




2. Ice cream perfection.



3. This cake.



4. This is beautiful.



5. The perfect shadow.



6. Organisation skills are off the charts.



7. Rainbow hair.



8. The way these clouds end.



9. This path.



10. Organised gummy bears.



11. These steps.



12. Pancakes.



13. Organised peppers.



14. One of these is perfect and that's all that matters.



15. This log arrangement.



16. These extremely well laid out pipes.



17. This pitch.



18. Aircraft carrier cutting through the water.



19. These coin cut-outs.



20. This grocery store.



21. How perfectly round this stone is.



22. This glorious M&M gradient.



23. Finally, this perfectly straight shadow.


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