Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beauty tips

What keeps you looking this good?

My daily skincare regimen involves cleansing, toning and moisturising. Healthy skin needs mild cleansing, for which I use gentle soaps. I use products that are mild and do not strip my skin of essential proteins. I am not much of a make-up user and stick to basics like a moisturiser, lip balm and a neutral foundation.

I don’t go for regular facials, but do indulge in clean-up sessions once in a while. Also, I am very particular about taking off the make-up before I go to bed. As a ritual, I like to luxuriate in a relaxing body massage with lukewarm coconut or baby oil every week. I think working towards maintaining a healthy body should be a priority for everyone. It is also equally important to maintain a high emotional quotient and a positive attitude towards life.

How do you take time out for yourself after a hectic work schedule?


I take care of myself with homemade remedies and a balanced diet. Working towards maintaining a healthy body should be a priority for everyone. I try and work out as often as possible. Since, I travel regularly, it becomes difficult for me to have a daily workout routine, but whenever I hit the gym I do cardio training and some light weights.

Thanks to my years dedicated to badminton, I have an athletic body. Also, since relaxation matters, no matter how busy my shooting schedules are, I always keep some quality time aside for family and friends.

What is your beauty advice for all the girls out there?

A healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and the correct skincare and fitness regimen all go hand in hand to make possible a beautiful you today and tomorrow. I am a firm believer in skincare the natural way. I am careful about using skincare products that are the right mix of nature and science.

One should never try to go overboard on any products, as I think the more you try to be experimental with your skin, the worse it gets. Just stick to the basics of skincare and witness the splendid results. There are a host of natural effective products available that are a better bet than harsh chemically enhanced ones.

How important is a healthy diet for looking beautiful?

A healthy diet is the first step towards a healthy and fit body. I take a balanced diet with carbs and proteins, and I’m very particular about dietary proportions. I have three main meals in a day, breakfast being the most important of them all. I try to keep my meals balanced and simple.

What are your reasons for being associated with the brands that you represent?

I associate myself with a brand that I can identify with. I have felt in tune with these brands and hence the association. Brands which signify style, good looks, youth, fun and have a universal appeal are the ones that I associate myself with. (Deepika endorses Fiama Di Wills, Kingfisher, Maybelline, Levi’s Strauss, Tissot, Pepsi.) I am also very conscious of the quality of the brands I endorse.

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