Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to hide an office romance

Office romance isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s been around from the time, offices have been around, after all when you are spending most of your waking hours in the same environment it isn’t easy to fight attractions or temptations. Three out of five romances have their roots in the office boardroom or cafeteria. Though when you are in love, screaming about it atop the bossHow to hide an office romance’ table is very tempting, you should keep your euphoric feelings under check and read your employment contract’s fine print once again. Most offices have an anti-romance policy. Forget romance, many offices don’t permit married couples to work under the same roof. Bottom-line is, management frowns upon office love stories. So it’s better that you keep your feelings and emotions under check.

If your romance is revealed there are chances that both of you will be considered a distraction not only for each other but for others as well. You will not be taken seriously. You will constantly be ribbed about it, and after a point it will get to you. You will not be given plum assignments if your love is also on it, so for no fault of yours you will lose out on key projects. At get-togethers and other events, when you should be spending time networking you will be the cynosure of all eyes, making it an awkward situation for both. So here are 7 ways to put the cloak of secrecy on your relationship, after it could make all the difference between an employed and unemployed status.

1. Build a wall around yourself: If before Cupid made its mark on you, you were the type who believed in eating solo, not socializing too much with colleagues or leaving office solo, then stick to the same. Don’t ever change your regular routines. It is very tempting to spend every minute with the love of your life, but restrain, keep those hormones under check. Don’t do anything that will arouse the suspicion of your colleagues. Be like a wall, no one should have an access to what’s happening in that thumping heart of yours. You can make eye contact with the light of your eyes, but make sure no one’s watching. Stealing a kiss or two is highly risky, unless you are in a lift with concealed doors and sans cctvs. Try and avoid any contact with your love during office hours, you have all the post office hours to make up for it. Under no circumstance should you reveal the state of your heart with your colleagues/ friends at work, it will only complicate matters and in no time will you both become the topic of conversation in office. This is exactly why office romances don’t find favour with bosses!

2. Put in more into your work: Concentrate on your work. Your romance shouldn’t affect your work. If you are mooning about her, while working or are distracted and day dreaming all the time, you will be caught out in no time and it will signal the end of your tryst there. Instead let your work be your strength, it will be the perfect shield for your distractions.

3. Keep your love in the loop: Don’t work on these tips without taking your sweetheart into confidence. Explain to her why you are behaving thus, if not you will have to contend with a sullen lover at work and nothing can be worse than that!

4. Don’t send her love proclamations: This is another tip you have to follow. Under no circumstances should you leave any proof of your love. Do not use office stationery to send love notes, if it gets into the hands of your boss, you will surely get another note from him, which will not have anything to do with love! Do not send email from your official addresses, it can easily be tracked down and the next thing you both will see will probable be the door!

5. Never leave and enter office together: The best way to behave would be like complete strangers. Never ever walk in or leave office together. No offering lifts, unless accompanied by a third party. Office picnics and other events are also dangerous territories where you will be tempted to let your hair down, never forget that in the rosy mood of an outing or a party you will be encouraged to reveal your amorous side, but the downside will be the next day when you both will be the fodder for the gossip mills. In fact the best advise will be for either of you to avoid going for such events! You might miss out on the fun, but at least you will have your job in hand!

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