Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yoga for sexy arms

Well toned arms can really send out a lot of messages. One that you might be some karate or taekwondo champ, or into weight lifting or rather even better, that you’re totally toned and fit, which shows even on your arms. To get that no-bulge-hanging-loosely look, try these at home. These are a bit tricky, so I suggest you get yourself some professional supervision to help you with them.

1. Plank Pose: Lie on the floor with your head facing down and hands bent by the elbow, kept by the chest sides. Now lift your torso up to make your hands be straight and perpendicular to the floor, back and legs straight and the palms right below the s7D679133754283EDC5F15E1F22655houlders. Now raise your legs to rest only on feet fingers. The neck to be straight in line with the back. Stay for at least 30-60 counts, come down slowly and relax. Repeat once more.

2. Four Limb Staff Pose: Lie on the floor facing down. Hands bent at the elbow kept by your waist side. Now raise your torso and legs to make the entire body parallel to the ground. Your legs to rest on the feet fingers and the body on the feet fingers and palms. Do not let your hips get raised upwards or lower back sway towards the floor. Body to be straight Neck also straight, look downwards at the floor. Stay for 20-30 counts, then slowly come down and relax, repeat once more.

3. Upward facing dog: Lie on the floor with face down and the top of your feet touching the ground. Arms to be bent at the elbow by the side of your waist. Now raise your torso upwards to make it parallel to the wall in front of you and make your arms get straight and perpendicular to the floor. Palms to be below the shoulders. Don’t let your thighs or legs even touch the floor, which makes your entire body above the ground. You rest only on the top of your feet and the palms. Neck to be straight and looking in front. Count till 30, come down and relax. Repeat twice.

About the author: Juhi Garg is a yoga and naturopath buff since the age of eight. She believes that yoga is the best way of life and wishes to promote it thus, especially amongst the younger generation.

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