Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Come to our Fairy party... A photo essay

It was such a fun and cute party.  They all made little fairy houses for the fairies that live in our neighborhood!  They got to decorate them however they chose.  There were stickers, paint and fabric galore!  We used plastic animal cracker jugs and milk cartons that were painted a solid color before the party.

The girls had SO much fun making their craft and of course playing together.  They all had little fairy dolls and long colorful hair headbands as well just for fun!

Of course my son was there but he refused to make a fairy house! :)  He decided to make a bug house and had a blast.

My daughter is very proud of her new Fairy House and it's up on the kitchen counter, she hoping to "catch" a fairy very soon!

And our snacks were heavenly and delicious... Fun, tasty and healthy "bug" snack!

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